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Cross Country & Track

Cross Country and Track Opportunity for Homeschoolers Ages 10-18

THE INSTRUCTIONAL/TRAINING ONLY option is not a part of Lighthouse Home School Athletics, but information is posted here to help begin homeschool track and cross country opportunities in our area.

Training is available year round and students ages 10-18 my attend lessons up to five times per week. Training is held weekly Monday-Friday by Rick Gibson, a homeschool dad who works with and trains his own children, who participate in and have earned awards in track competitions! The nominal fee of $35 per month will be collected by Rick Gibson, (also the founder and owner of Acorn Education in Nederland) who is the independent coach and trainer. 

LHSA will communicate with Rick Gibson to provide competitive opportunities for his runners. IF THEY CHOOSE to participate in competitions, at that point, each runner must become a member of Lighthouse Home School Support and then will need to register with the Track and Cross Country program. 

Competitive opportunities for Lighthouse members will be posted on the Track & Cross Country Page for members. Each student may choose which competitions he or she would like to participate in. 

Rick Gibson's training schedule runs as follows and is subject to change by him and all those participating with his training group should maintain contact through his messaging system of choice. Join the "Homeschool CC & Track" GroupMe chat group to stay connected with changes in plans, lessons or other details.

From Rick Gibson:

Morning workouts Monday-Friday

Warm-up 6:30ish
Workout 7:00
Locations: Lamar University Track and Setzer’s Hardware parking lot (Nederland)

Evening workouts Monday-Friday

Time: varies (will be set on a weekly basis)
Locations: Lamar University Track and Setzer’s Hardware parking lot (Nederland)

Workouts usually are 30-45 minutes.

Monthly training fee: $35

I will make training plans for each athlete regardless of whether they meet with us or do some of their workouts on their own. I will also have cross training options also.

Proverbs 30:2-6

Please call/text Rick Gibson at 409-363-3930 or email [email protected] to find out how and when training may be joined. 

The competitive Track and CC option (competing in meets at local public and private schools) will require a Lighthouse Home School Support membership and registration with Lighthouse Home School Athletics'  CC & Track Golf Program. That aspect of homeschool track and cc  is available for Lighthouse members and requires registration (below) with available competitions beginning in early spring. The current instruction option is hosted by Rick Gibson, an independent provider, and is available only by contacting him directly. 

LHSA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LighthouseHomeSchoolAthletics

To register for LHSA competitive track or cross country season for Lighthouse Home School Support members, please click the link below and complete the registration. (You will need to be signed in to your account.)There is no fee to register. Tournament fees will be disclosed as opportunities arise and athletes and parents will be aprised of a meet schedule as it becomes available. A meeting of parents and players will take place as meets are set. 

LHSA Track/Cross CountrySEASON REGISTRATION For Lighthouse Member begins August 1