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10AM Words of Encouragement

In the Family Room

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Lori Carl

Words of Encouragement

Lori Carl, homeschooling mom extraordinaire of 9 mostly grown and prospering children, and grandmother of many, knows the ups and downs of life and of homeschooling. With her counseling knowledge and experience she will offer the words from her faith that have led her to a closer walk with Christ and a desire to share it with others to build and edify those who are in the journey. Come sit a while and be strengthened to trust, to continue and to thrive! 

10AM Ins and outs of Dual Credit

Group Room

Lamar Institute of Technology Employees, Location, Alumni | LinkedIn

Dual Credit Parent/Student Workshop

Homero Lozano

Homero Lozano, Assistant Director of Dual Credit at LIT, will share with students and parents the steps needed to take to use dual credit to their advantage while homeschooling. He knows how, when, and why dual credit opportunities work and how they can be implemented into a great homeschool experience for your teen and can answer your questions during this interactive workshop.

11AM Primeros Pasos Para Escuela en Casa

In Family Room

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Jesica Fant

En Espanol

Primeros Pasos Pare Escuela en Casa

Jessica Fant es una madre consumada que educa en casa, líder en la comunidad de educación en el hogar, y ahora comparte sus talentos y experiencias no solo para enseñar español, sino también para ayudar a compartir la educación en casa con hispanohablantes. Desde la educación en el hogar mientras recientemente obtuvo su maestría, hasta hablar varios idiomas y enseñar en lugares lejanos, las experiencias y el conocimiento de Jessica lo ayudarán a comprender cómo dar esos primeros pasos hacia la educación en el hogar con confianza y entusiasmo.

11AM First Steps to Homeschooling

In Group Room

From Lighthouse Home School Support Veronica Pedraza will be sharing

The First Steps to Homeschooling

Veronica has been homeschooling since 1992 and can answer your questions about what it takes to get started, to continue, and to be confident in homeschooling. 

1PM Strategic High School Plan and Transcrip

In Group Room

Luke Bourgeois - Lamar Institute of Technology

Luke Bourgeois

High School Planning/Transcript

Luke is a homeschool graduate who experienced the journey as a student and has been helping students and parents for many years as Director of Dual Credit at Lamar Institute of Technology. Luke currently serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships at Lamar State College in Orange. In this workshop students and parents will gain direction to confidently complete a strategic high school plan and transcript that meets their educational and career objectives best!

1PM Homeschool Styles and the Curriculum that Complements

In Curriculum Room

Noelle Howell/Jessica Fant

Choosing the right style and curriculum

Get the low-down on curriculum and which of them meet each style of homeschooling! Noelle has the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the forest of homeschool curriculum and the variety of ways you can use them!

2PM Organic Living Meets Homeschool

In Family Room

Natosia Abdalla

Organic Living and Homeschooling

Natoshia Abdalla and her husband of 17 years have 3 daughters ages 16, 15, and 12 all of whom have been homeschooled from the start. She also currently teaches science classes at the Heartway Co-op. She attends and serves at Riding With Christ Cowboy Church as the Women's Director.  Pulling from her Appalachian upbringing, she loves gardening, homesteading, living off the land, and you will never see her without a cup of hot tea in her hand. Considering that homesteading is a way of life, her homschooling style reflects that with an eclectic Charlotte Mason and student led education program supplemented with Co-op extracurriculars. 

2PM Career Explorations

In Group Room

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas

Austin Brinkley

Career Explorations

Austin, Workforce Career and Education Outreach Specialist, will give a brief overview of the workshops he can offer students to prepare them for the workforce. He will present on Reality Check which shows the students' future lifestyle choices and the yearly salary they will have to make to live that life. This opens the door to career exploration and gets the students thinking about careers. 

3PM Transitioning From Public to Home Education

In Family Room

Chloe Golmon

Making the Transition Beautiful

Chloe, an energetic mom of 5 who is full of vision and purpose, will share with new homeschoolers what it takes to transition from public school to home education. There are some tips and knowledge that can only be gained through experience!

Vocational Training and Rehabilitation

In Group Room

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas

Suzanne Saenz

Suzanne, Student HireAbility Navigator Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas, will focus on students transitioning from school into the workforce. She will share TWS Vocational Rehabilition Services for students ages 14-22 as well as programs for parents and other family members. She will go over Pre-Employment Transition Services and what Transition Services has to offer. 

4PM Homeschool Help Summit Workshops

In Group Room

2020 Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention Graduation

Hang out with some homeschool moms, dads and grads who can share the beauty, the challenge, and the benefits of being homeschooled. 

10:00am Craft Project

Ages 8-11

Laci Gossett, CHSEL teacher


11:00am Cricut Design Project

Cricut design project ages 10-13

How To Cut Vinyl in Cricut Design Space | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Rebecca Capps, CHSEL parent and teacher


1:00pm Art Project

Art Project ages 6-11

Carissa Parr, Art Teacher at CHSEL.


2:00pmRhythm and Notes

Ages 6-9

Lori Kratzer, CHSEL mom and teacher


3:00pm BCM Lego Engineering

Leggo my LEGO at the Children's Museum of Houston, January 10-16 - Mom ...

Beaumont Children's Museum 

Ages 4-8

4:00pm Art Fun

Ages 5-8

Lori Kratzer, CHSEL mom and tacher