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Homeschool Golf

BOB WEST ON GOLF — New golf carts latest upgrade at Babe Zaharias ...

YES! Homeschoolers can play golf!

Ages 10-18 will have opportunity to play at the level that best suits them. 

THE INSTRUCTIONAL ONLY option is not a part of Lighthouse Home School Athletics, but information is posted here to help begin homeschool golf opportunities in our area.

Golf Lessons are available year round and students ages 10-18 my attend lessons up to twice per week. Lessons are held weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:00 AM at Zaharias Golf Course. The lessons cost $10 each, and use of the golf course for practice at any time is available to participating students at no charge.

Please call/text Coach Mitch Duncan at 409-344-0205 or email [email protected] to find out if space is available and attend weekly lessons. 

Join the "Homeschool Golf" GroupMe chat group to stay connected with changes in plans, lessons or other details. 

The competitive golf option (playing tournaments at local schools) will require a Lighthouse Home School Support membership and registration with Lighthouse Home School Athletics'  Golf Program. That aspect of homeschool golf is available for Lighthouse members and requires registration (below) with available competitions beginning in fall, and again early spring. The current instruction option is hosted by Mitch Duncan, an independent provider through Babe Zaharias Golf Course is available by contacting him directly. 

LHSA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LighthouseHomeSchoolAthletics

To register for LHSA competitive golf season for Lighthouse Home School Support members, please click the link below and complete the registration. There is no fee to register. Tournament fees will be disclosed as opportunities arise and athletes and parents will be aprised of a tournament / match scheduleas it becomes available. A meeting of parents and players will take place as games and tournaments are set.