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Writing the Body of a Report

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Date – Time

August 1, 2023 – 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Lighthouse at Ridgewood
2920 Lake Arthur Dr.
Port Arthur, 77642

Additional Information

Let's write!!

For ages 13 and up

(This workshop may be helpful in evaluating the IEW curriculum before purchasing it.)

We know! It's summer and nobody wants to do a writing lesson. 

We will make this as painless as possible, and the outcome will be worth it!

Who knows? Your child may just enjoy this writing workshop!

Many do not realize the intense connection writing has with logic and critical thinking. It is, in fact, a critical thinking process and, when taught correctly, lends itself to development in other areas of training and knowledge.

The “Structure and Style” method utilized by the Institute for Excellence in writing offers a foundational preparation for the skill of writing while developing the talent.

In participating in this short, focused, paragraph by paragraph workshop using the IEW structure and style method, your child will be exercised in writing to strengthen skill and talent while learning a little about how the practicum is employed. Whether your child is comfortable with the task of writing a brief report or struggles to put a few sentences in order, this paragraph-focused writing workshop is an effective way to build confidence and capability while practicing the techniques of structural, stylistic writing.

Cost: LHSS members $16 (includes online payment fee)

Non members: $21 (includes online payment fee)

Instructor: Veronica Pedraza

From the Instructor: I became certified as an IEW instructor because of the confidence I have in the program's effectiveness and the ease of use of the practicum. It has been an excellent tool in helping me reach the reluctant writer to build skill and the confident writer to develop talent. 


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